Healing Our Energy!

I have always been drawn to more “natural” forms of healing. Spending so many years seeing a different variety of healthcare professionals and listening to their treatment plans has gotten me to this point in my life but it is now time to make a major shift because I can no longer accept that this is as good as it is going to get. I have grown extremely tired of going through the routine of other’s suggestions.
This is my body; I know and strongly believe that my healing needs to come from my heart. My heart is now open enough and my belief willed to be able to use one’s natural energy sources to further treat all my ailments. Not only have I started to treat my body physically I have also started the path of healing my life energy sources. I have started the path of healing my energy sources, otherwise known as one’s Chakras. I am doing so by the utilization and performance of Reiki. I am currently a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner. I will soon be graduating to Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.
So what does this mean, what is Reiki and what do I do as a Practitioner? Reiki is a Japanese inspired technique that promotes the balancing of one’s life force energy. Reiki is known to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and promote healing. The technique of Reiki is done by the laying of hands on a person to emulate energy through one’s energy field. When the word, Reiki, is broken down it means; Rei = “God’s Wisdom or the higher power,” and Ki= “Life force energy.” When combined = “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.” A major function of Reiki is the unblocking/balancing of one’s Chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in one’s body that regulate all the bodily processes. Your energy centers functioning properly and being unblocked keeps a person well-rounded in health; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
As a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, I can do the basics. I am just now tapping into the abilities of enhanced energy running through my body. I am just now tapping into the abilities of enhanced energy running through my body. I perform daily self-care Reiki treatments and have performed hands-on treatments on two close friends. I am working on unblocking and fully balancing all my own Chakras, one by one. This has not been an easy task to take on, at least not yet. This is a new journey for me, and I look forward to sharing the experience with anyone who feels compelled to follow ❤


So pretty and they heal, personal crystal healing.

I previously posted a blog about the crystals that I personally use in my own treatment plan.  Time for a little more elaboration.  Oh, and just a quick reminder!  Crystals heal based off vibration.  Higher vibration crystals are always preferred. 

Out of the estimated 15 crystals that I have tried, most effective to my treatment are clear quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz.  I am naturally drawn to each of these and can feel their energy more than others.  My personal favorite, most used crystal is Rose Quartz. Specific properties of Rose quarts included the aided unblocking of the heart chakra, surrounding of peace/tranquility, the crystal that is known as the Love Stone, energy emulates unconditional love, assists in bringing one’s consciousness to a higher level which leads to strengthened ability to forgive not only others but for oneself.

I am a strong believer in love and love being my guiding purpose.  Freely giving and receiving love which allows me to experience true inner peace and harmony.  I truly believe that one’s level of inner peace can be directly related to what one experiences.  Meaning…karma, you get what you give!  My view and passion for love is what attracts me to Rose Quartz.  Other crystals have worked for me, but Rose Quartz is the strongest energy-yielding crystal thus far, making it my go to.

Treating Chronic Pain with Crystal Healing

Gemstones have been used to help relieve pain since ancient times.  Gemstones are often used in long-term pain management therapy programs.  Using crystals while meditating reduces discomfort but gemstones can directly be used to target and eliminate pain at the source.  Crystals both vibrate and resonate.  The vibrations that crystals eliminate work to alleviate pain an assist the body in healing.  The experience of pain that never goes away is not only uncomfortable but also causes physiological and emotional responses that will slow down one’s healing, reducing one’s quality of life.  Crystals are used to treat chronic illness without doing any harm to vital organs, unlike pain killers. 

One thing to note is that not all crystals vibrate at the same rate.  It is important to find the crystals that work best for the desired vibration.  The one gemstone that is the exception is that of clear quartz.  Clear quartz is known as the “Master Healer.”  Clear quartz is a high vibration gemstone that aids in the reduction of pain anywhere in one’s body.  Reduction of pain is a great benefit, but you also get the benefits of improved circulation and energy flow.  The increase in these benefits helps one’s body heal.  Another beneficial gemstone with high vibrations is Amethyst.  Amethyst reduces arthritis pain and can aid in severe pain by placing a piece of this gemstone on each side of the arthritic joint.  Aquamarine is another high vibration gemstone known to be both calming and peaceful.  The quality of pain relief is considered two-fold.  This is stated because it reduces inflammation pain directly by soothing and relaxing your mind.  Another benefit of Aquamarine is it breaks the physical-mental cycle that can make conditions worse. 

These are just a few of the crystals that can be used to aid in reduction/relief of chronic pain associated with RA and Fibromyalgia.  There are a variety of other crystals that can be utilized but these are the ones that I have direct knowledge and experience in using.  The previously named crystals are the ones that have shown success in my personal journey of pain relief.  I feel it is extremely important to note that crystal healing is not a one-time cure, reapplying techniques is imperative for continued pain relief. 

Holistic Supplements to Aid in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Symptoms: What works for me, may for you!

During my research on Holistic remedies for the management of Fibromyalgia, I have discovered that it has now become a highly broad subject. A wide variety of information is available from all sources. This post is going to come more from a personal side of what has worked for me, in my own management of my Fibromyalgia to allow for a more direct list of holistic remedies. I do want to note that I do talk closely with a Holistic Practitioner regarding side effects, contradictions, etc., and I myself am going to be starting courses to become a Certified Holistic Practitioner myself. I advise speaking with a certified professional to ensure that you are making the right choices in your treatment, being properly treated, and safe!
I have tried several different holistic remedies throughout the years. Currently, I am on, what I believe to be, for myself, the best combination that I have come up with yet. My current Holistic combination of treatment includes Vitamin D, Magnesium, SAMe, Creatine, and Melatonin supplements. During routine blood tests, it was found that my vitamin D, magnesium, and melatonin levels were low, and this was a reason for the increase in pain symptoms surrounding my condition. I started my research and found the supplements that were most beneficial to me.
For my lowered Magnesium levels, I take a Triple Magnesium Complex (400mg) and it has kept my levels stable. I can not say if it has helped assist in my pain management, but I have not experienced any abnormally increased pain. For my Vitamin D deficiency, I take, D3 2000 IU. I have currently been trying to wean myself from Cymbalta and find a more suitable holistic remedy that will replace this medication. I have researched and found that my best choice may be what is called SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine). Cymbalta (my current prescribed medication) is a serotonin-nor epinephrine re-uptake inhibitor. It helps by restoring the balance of certain natural substances in the brain. Cymbalta is known to improve mood, sleep, appetite, energy level, and decrease nervousness. IT is also known to decrease pain in Fibromyalgia. I can say that it does work, and it works well. It has been the only prescribed medication that I have remained on for years because it does work…for me. I got over the nausea side effects after about 4 months of taking it but now it is starting to cause more issues to my stomach. SAMe is similar, it is an amino acid derivative that boosts the same brain chemicals as Cymbalta but without all the side effects that come with Cymbalta. To improve my sleep quality, I have started to replace my daily dosage of Flexeril, a muscle relaxer with a Melatonin 5mg supplement an hour before bed each night. They both work in the same manner to treat the same issue, sleep quality to assist in next day pain management.
I have just recently started to investigate herbal remedies for Fibromyalgia. My research has shown that Allicin (from garlic), Japanese Knotweed, Andrographis, Sarsaparilla, Chinese Skullcap, and Berberine are all herbs that have beneficial factors to aid in the chronic pain management and other symptoms that come along with Fibromyalgia. I have yet to really try any of them but will be sure to update once I finalize my research and make final decisions!

Discovering that I Really had a Choice!

Holistic, Self-healing, Energy-healing, Aromatherapy, and just a true love for my own well-being are all my starting points for a better quality of life  These are the roads that I have taken to gain back control, to continue down my path to a healthier life. 

I started increasing my knowledge of Holistic remedies a few years back. I found some herbal supplements that assisted in replacing some of the pharma meds, but my searching didn’t last long due to life becoming hectic and started to pretty much lose myself.  I just lost hope in life and I stopped taking care of myself. I allowed myself to become a chaotic mess. After leaving that situation, I found freedom. I swore to never look back at who I allowed myself to become. I wanted to be better, not only for myself but for my loved ones.  When I ended my old book of life, I slammed and sealed it shut…FOREVER! 

 I was always naturally drawn to the spiritual side of everything.  I never found a religious calling until I encountered a friend who awoken something inside of me.  That is when I fell in love with Wicca and my spiritual awakening occurred.  During my awakening, I started to observe more and more information.  I needed to find an area of focus, so healing and health became that focus.  My life was filled with so much turmoil.  I experienced the pain of all sorts; physical, emotional, mental, etc.  I felt as if I hit rock bottom then rose like a damn phoenix, lite up in the brightest arras of orange and red.  I now needed to get a plan together.  A step-by-step plan of how I wanted to accomplish all the goals that I set ahead for myself.  Health…. Health…. Health, number one is HEALTH!  For me to obtain full spiritual health I needed to make sure that my temple, my body, was up to par.  So, I did an overall health analysis; medication check, gathering information for the new ideas that I have encountered, putting together a budget, making sure that my goals are a reality and not just something that is made of dreams.  I wanted to treat my conditions in the least harmful way.  I knew I had a heightened sense of “power” within me and I knew I could somehow use it to help myself and possibly help others.  This is pretty much where I am at now.

To officially start my path, I started looking more into herbal, crystal, energy, and aroma therapies.  I recently became a Reiki Practitioner I.  Within the upcoming weeks, I will be obtaining my first empowerment, the Chakra empowerment.  Be sure to check back soon for more updates on my self-healing journey, more posts to come ❤

My Body Vs. My Body

Finishing up some of the last details to explain how I came to the point of finally taking my health into my own hands. Mostly it had to do with time and age. After years of all different forms and types of medications, my stomach started to fight back. I ended up with some pretty serious stomach issues; inflammation, bleeding, start of ulcers, etc. At that point, I was 13 years old. This same exact thing has come back into my life now at the age of 34 years old. When my stomach decides to go into battle, I end up not being able to eat much of anything. It either comes out of my mouth or my butt. Either way, it is painful and just miserable. I end up being taken off medication, given other medications to coat my stomach, given medications to control stomach acids, etc. Now this time I have decided…Full Change. My new path has taken me down a more natural way of healing. This new path includes holistic practices, herbs, aromatherapy, self-healing, energy-healing, major diet changes, and major lifestyle changes. I have started my journey of healing from within, healing the energies that course through my body. Currently, I am on two medications that are still doctor prescribed, Cymbalta and Flexeril, but all other health ailments that I partake in at this present moment are of a holistic/homeopathic nature.